At Compassion Conference, the three-day schedule includes:

Plenary Sessions – Keynote speakers will inspire deep reflection on how we live out Christ's compassion and what the church's role is in a local community.

Capacity Building Workshops – Workshops will provide capacity building focused on topics such as holistic child development, community development, disaster preparedness and response, anti-human trafficking, migration, and conflict mitigation.

Theological Reflection Symposium – The heart of any significant movement in the church should be framed within deep theological reflection. The conference will feature reflections that pair theologians' perspectives and practitioners' perspectives.

Working Group Collaboration – The conference will provide opportunities for conversation in working groups where best practices can be shared and adapted among colleagues engaged in various sectors.

Continued Conversation – In order to inspire and equip the next generation, the conference aims to connect Nazarene students and young people who have a passion for compassion and justice to mentors within our Nazarene global network to compassionate ministries.

Plus – The conference will also feature corporate worship, student tracks, networking opportunities, and continuing education credit.

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